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   Organic Ajwain/Bishop Weed seed

Product Type - Ajwain seeds, Ajwain powder
Botanical Name - Trchyspermum ammi (L)
Family Name - Apiaceae


Ajwain is a popular spice throughout India. It used in savory snacks. Ajwain seeds are found in most Indian households due to their medicinal properties. Ajwain is considered to be an effective medicine for treating indigestion. Ajwain goes well with fish and curries. It has a strong aroma when crushed. Otherwise, the seeds have little aroma. It has hot taste and burning feeling on the tongue. Ajwain is very aromatic but less subtle in taste. It is slightly bitter, pungent and strong. Even a small amount of Ajwain dominates the taste of a dish. In India, Ajwain is never used raw, but is either roasted or fried in ghee, which is done to develop a stronger and more prominent aroma. It is primary used as a digestive aid and Antiemetic


Ajwain is a close relative of dill, caraway and cumin and belongs to the Apiaceae family. In India, its also called the bishop's weed, carom or ova and is particularly used in the delicate vegetarian fare from the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Ajwain seeds are tiny, oval and ridged. The grayish-green seeds are curved and look like miniature cumin seeds. The fragrance of the spice is very similar to that of cumin. Chewed on their own for their medicinal value, the seeds taste bitingly hot and bitter.

   Uses of Ajwain in Food Industry

  Ajwain is a widely used spice in the food and also popularly used as a food preservative.The    spice is similar to cumin in appearance though different in taste. It adds a distinctive flavor to     food products.
  Ajwain seed is also offered after a meal, sometimes along with fennel or celery seeds.
  Ajawin seeds are rich in fiber,minerals,vitamins and anti-oxidants.

   Ajwain provides following benefits to the Body


  It is useful in treating diarrhea, colic and other bowel problems. It also helps relieve flatulence    (gas) and discomfort in the stomach. According to Ayurvedic medicine, Ajwain is a medicine,     Ajwain is a powerful cleanser of the body.
  Ajwain oil is used most often for circulatory problems and is used as a muscle relaxer. Due to    the thymol content, Ajwain can be effective in treating ascarids (roundworm parasites in the    human intestine) and hookworms. Externally this herb can be used for warts, or to encourage     the flow of blood to the surface.
  Thymol,the essentail oil obtained from Ajwain has local anaesthetic,anti-bacterial and antifungal     properties.
  Ajwain is also used as a preservative for canned foods.

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