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   Organic Red Chilli Powder / Red Chilli Flakes

Product Type - Red Chilli Powder / Red Chilli Flakes
Botanical Name - Capsicum annum
Family Name - Solanaceae


Chilly is mostly used in its powdered form in day-to-day food as well as making various seasonings like Sauces, Chutneys & Pickles. Red chili powder is an indispensable ingredient in most Indian dishes. Chilli Powder is one of the largest traded spices in the international market. Red Chilli Powder is one of the popular varieties of the Chilli Powder. Extensively used for food flavoring and coloring, Red Chilli Powder also has certain medicinal properties. Chillies are available in a number of varieties, colors and fragrances. Red Chilli Powder is available in different sizes of corrugated and poly packs, in accordance to the need and demand. Our Red Chilli Powder is famous for red color because of the pigment capsanthin and is known for biting pungency attributed by capsaicin.



Red chilli powder has a propensity to set ears buzzing, tongues tingling and can upset the stomach. A spice blend consisting of one or two types of dried red chiles that are ground and pulverized into a fine powder. Also referred to as a "chile" powder, this type of seasoning may contain not only ground chiles but also a mixture of other spices, such as cumin, oregano, garlic powder, paprika, and salt, mixed into the chili powder. Foods are often enhanced with this powder, depending on the chiles used for the powder and the intensity of the heat in the chile. The fruit is eaten cooked or raw for its fiery hot flavour which is concentrated along the top of the pod Pure chili powders, which most often do not contain added ingredients, are available from specialty spice stores. These seasonings consist only of ground or powdered chiles and are added to recipes suggesting the use of seasonings without the additional ingredients.

Red pepper flakes are deliciously hot dried bits of pepper and seeds, which are made from hot red peppers of varying kinds. Dried and crushed red Chile peppers, often hot with a pungent and Smokey flavor.The chile pepper is a pod that encloses multiple seeds inside its cavity. The different species of chile pepper have different sizes, shapes, colors and flavors. the ground product ranges from orangered, to deep, dark red. According to the American Spice Trade Association, "Red Pepper" is the preferred name for all hot red pepper spices. Cayenne Pepper is another name for the same type of product. Some manufacturers use the term Cayenne Pepper to refer to a hotter version of Red Pepper

   Uses of Red Chilli Powder / Red chilli Flakes

»  Dry and powdered chillies are widely used for coloring and flavoring in different cuisines and     dishes.
»  Red Chilli Powder is widely used for natural food coloring.
»  It is also used as a major ingredient in different seasonings, pepper and tabasco sauce.
»  Chillies are used for controlling rheumatic disorders. It is also a good source of vitamin C.
»  Red chilli flakes Used sparingly, it adds flavor without too much heat.
»  It is blessed with a hefty dose of capsaicin. This compound, which gives chilli peppers their     heat, may boost metabolism slightly.
»  Red chillies are very rich in vitamin C and provitamin A.
»  Chilli Powder, the tasty blend of spices, is one of the easiest ways to bring a dish to life.
»  Purchase ready-made or to prepare at home, chilli powder can add a lot of taste to many     mouth watering dishes.

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